Rin-ne anime adaptation announced to air Spring 2015

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rin-ne-anime-artwork-01Last week it was discovered that there would be a major announcement for Rumiko Takahashi’s latest manga, Rin-ne, this week and it looks like the many signs pointing towards an anime adaptation were completely correct. It has been revealed that Rin-ne will be given a twenty five episode anime adaptation that will be handled by Brain’s Base.

The anime adaptation will begin airing next spring, though considering the current length of the manga series it is adapting, which is also being published in English by Viz Media, there is a good chance that this may only be the first season of Rin-ne depending on how well the series is received.

For those unaware of what Rin-ne is about, the story follows a girl named Sakura Mamiya who vanished as a young girl in the woods behind her grandmother’s home only to return unharmed a few days later with the power to see ghosts. Now grown into a teenager, Sakura attends school like a normal girl but simply wishes that her power could disappear. At least that is what she thought as all of a sudden a strange student named Rinne Rokudo who has always been absent returns to school with quite a mystery in tow.

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