Clannad English Kickstarter campaign launched and funded within 24 hours

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The time many visual novel fans have been waiting for has arrived. Sekai Project has launched the Kickstarter campaign for Clannad with a goal of $140,000. At the time of this writing the goal has already been reached, which means that fans of the game can expect not only a proper English localization for the title, but an hopeful Steam for PC as well.

Sekai Project has turned to Kickstarter explaining that a majority of the costs will go into licensing the original voice track for the game and completely translating and editing the title. Currently you can pledge $40 to secure yourself a digital copy of Clannad once it is released or if you choose to pledge $50 then a physical copy of Clannad will be delivered. Additional higher tiers of pledging include reward such as an eighty page Clannad fanbook, the Clannad Mabinogi Arrange Album, T-shirts, and more. Check out the full details for the Kickstarter here.

Takahiro Baba also has written a message for fans of Key and supporters of their games and it can be read below:


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