Ultimate NES Remix Set to Hit Australia and New Zealand This November

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The NES Remix series has already seen two installments on the Wii U, but now Nintendo are taking the fast paced nostalgia blast and shipping both in one package for easy consumption on the 3DS. Ultimate NES Remix will feature both full titles, which feature the likes of Super Mario Bros. (1,2, and 3), Kirby’s Adventure, Balloon Fight, and many, many more.

If you have never played either title, each holds a good handful of classic NES titles, and the player must play through remixed pieces as they try to beat a boss in a fast time, or have Peach rescue herself. Yes, it is a bit insane, but in a good way. Ultimate NES Remix will also feature leaderboards, where players can battle against other players scores from all over the world. If three stars are won in every stage, the player will then get a whole new experience with Famicom Remix, adding new challenges. Mark your calenders, as Ultimate NES Remix hits down under and in New Zealand on the 8th of November, while hitting the U.S. at the start of December.