Celebrate Pokemon Halloween with A Pumpkaboo Mystery Gift

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Halloween is coming up on October 31st but Pokemon X & Y players will get to celebrate it a little early as Nintendo is giving away a free Pokemon via the Internet Mystery Gift function. The holiday appropriate give away Pokemon is Pumpkaboo, a ghost/grass type who evolves into the very bulky Gourgeist, perfect for messing up your opponents team with leech seed, will-o-wisp or for switching to when you’re up against a strong fighting type.

The Pumpkaboo you receive will be at level 50, be holding the fairly rare item Rocky Helmet and have the special OT of Spooky2014. That’s not all that is special about this specific Pumpkaboo though. This Pumpkaboo is of the very rare Super Size variety which gives it increased HP in exchange for speed and can also have its hidden ability Insomnia, which has not been possible for Super Size Pumpkaboo before this event. You can download the event now on Pokemon X or Pokemon Y in all regions. The event is scheduled to end on October 31st.

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