Silent Hills Concept Video Terrifies at TGS

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Tokyo Game Show 2014 day one featured a panel on Silent Hills, and we now know the depths of Hideo Kojima’s previously unheralded, screwed up mind. Of course Guillermo Del Toro is known for this sort of creepiness, but Kojima licked his lips watching people cringe and jump at Silent Hills footage! He’s sick! And we love it…

At the panel, a “concept movie” was shown to the audience in attendance, and you can now view it embedded below. Unfortunately, the quality isn’t too great, but that doesn’t keep it from creeping us the heck out! A rolling ball turning into a child’s decapitated head, centipedes coming out of the walls, a giant, blood-sucking humanoid creature thing chasing the player character up the hallway…and my favourite part, just because it’s genius and such signature Silent Hill…a door being blasted into the next wall, proceeding to open and reveal entry to a basement that wasn’t there a second ago. Awesome. I want this game, but at the same time, I don’t want this game.

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