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Dragon Ball Xenoverse is quickly becoming the most hyped Dragon Ball game of all time and with the latest trailer and details released from Bandai Namco at TGS it’s not hard to see why. We now have a few more details on the story and some new characters, how the online hub world will work and more details about the battle system.

Continuing the strong link between this game and Dragon Ball Online, even more characters are being brought forward from that game. Towa and Mirra, a husband and wife team and also the main villians of DBO are returning here and play a very interesting role. As known before, your custom character will travel back in time to key moments in Dragon Ball history, however now we know you will be fixing the events of history that are changed due to the actions of these new villians. One key example is when the villians take control of Raditz so he avoids Piccolo’s Special Beam Cannon altogether meaning Goku still dies but Raditz lives. It will be up to you to fix this course of events and restore the rightful course of history. Many more moments like this can be expected throughout the story.


The Supreme Kai of Time and Toki Toki Bird are another pair of new characters joining the cast, however there role in the story is still unknown. In the trailer below we can see the story will cover at least the entirety of the Z saga as well as the Bardock TV special. Scans courtesy of Kanzenshuu.


A new addition in Xenoverse is the hub world of Toki Toki City and we finally got some video footage of it to show us what it’s all about. In what looks very similar to Destiny’s hub world, players will be able to interact with other online players, pull off dance moves and poses, change costumes and go shopping for new outfit parts and items all in a free roaming environment. The outfit variety looks just as impressive as the character creator and some keen eyed users even spotted some items from Dragon Ball GT. Frieza’s race was also confirmed to be one of the races you can make a character of in a recent scan and the latest video showed how you can change the skin tone and body types of existing race types to make them look like other characters, showing off a very good impersonation of the Ginyu force.


If that wasn’t cool enough, it was confirmed that there are offline multiplayer battles of at least the 1 vs 1 variety and that there will be 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 and even one vs many fights present in the game. In offline mode, the camera will focus on both characters as opposed to being split screen in similar fashion to the Naruto Storm series. The battle mechanics look very improved from the last time we saw them, with characters throwing punches and teleporting behind their opponents at great speed. Combos are present and so is chasing down your opponent and slamming them into the ground followed by a barrage of ki blast. Jumping, throwing and firing multiple ki blast are also confirmed as are two melee buttons in the form of strong and weak attack buttons (bound to triangle and square on the PS4 control). The melee clash from previous Dimps games is back and has both characters furiously attacking each other and then doing a back flip to reset their positions. New stages seen include the plains stage, World Tournament and Kami’s Lookout.


The game seems to be catering to all types of Dragon Ball fans, from those who like custom characters and team battles to those who like a more hardcore fighting system. Dragon Ball Xenoverse has a confirmed Japanese release date of early 2015. Be sure to check out the trailer at the very bottom of this article and some of the most recent gameplay videos straight out of Tokyo Game Show 2014 showcasing the hub world and tons of battle footage.


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