Microsoft Brings Two Big Names to EB Games Expo

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Sunset-Overdrive-GC-screenshot- (1)

In just a few short weeks, Sydney will be playing host to the biggest domestic gaming event of the year – the EB Games Expo. Three days where gamers can get their hands on the latest and upcoming games. In the expo’s short life-span visiting game developers have always been part of the festivities and this year Microsoft are bringing out the big guns. Taking center stage and speaking directly to the crowd will be Marcus Smith, creative director of Sunset Overdrive, and Ben Penrose, art director for Forza Horizon 2.


Ben Penrose – Forza Horizon 2


Marcus Smith – Sunset Overdrive

The two developers will be taking to the stage at various points in the expo, sharing stories and answering questions from the fans in attendance. Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 are some of the biggest releases hitting Xbox One in the coming months, so these two developers being present really is a big deal. We will be covering all the action from the EB Expo from October 3rd – 5th so make sure you grab your ticket and join us for all the action right here at Capsule Computers.