Lupiesoft’s adult visual novel The Menagerie to be released by MangaGamer

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Monster girls have become something of a selling point in the last couple of years and now fans of them will be happy to hear that a new 18+ original English visual novel featuring monster girls is being developed and will be released sometime in Fall 2014 on PC. The announcement came this weekend when Lupiesoft and MangaGamer announced their partnership to release The Menagerie on MangaGamer’s website where it will be sold for $15.95.

This is Lupiesoft’s first time traveling into 18+ territory but they are able to do so thanks to a very successful Kickstarter last year for a title named Dizzy Hearts that is currently still being developed for release on Steam by Sekai Project. The amount of money the company earned from the Kickstarter also helped fund a title named Vagabond, a game that takes place in the same world and time period as Dizzy Hearts where players will be told the story of the common life in the desert city of Alabast.

The Menagerie on the other hand, will take a closer look at the decadence inside of the city’s most prominent landmark called The Sail where the high-class nobles live. Players will follow Roa-ji, a futanari Drachene, as she encounters a myriad of other beings collected by the nobles in a tale of personal discovery and plenty of yuri action. You can read more about the title and the characters in The Menagerie on MangaGamer’s listing for the title. (18+ Only)

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