GoD Factory: Wingmen is Now Available

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Nine Dots Studio and Bandai Namco Games Europe are thrilled to announce that GoD Factory: Wingmen is now available on Steam.

The space simulation, God Factory: Wingmen challenges players to develop and customise a powerful vessel and embark on a strategic battle with their friends; share gunships, cooperate and experience multiplayer space -combat, in intensely tactical 4 vs. 4 matches with the end-goal of destroying their opponents 13km long Carrier first.


Guillaume Boucher-Vidal, the founder and president of Nine Dots Studio, stated “After everything we’ve been through, it’s amazing that the game made it to completion. Better yet, it is everything we wanted it to be. We’ll keep pushing the game further; there is so much more to explore in the GoD Factory universe”.

Embark on the interstellar adventure on Steam today!

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