Really? Really! now available for purchase from MangaGamer

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The visual novel Shuffle! is one that many fans in the Western world fell in love with back when it was released in English. Now over the last year or so the follow-up spin-off titles have been gradually released in English as well. Today Really? Really!, a continuation of Shuffle!’s storyline following Kaede Fuyou’s route, was released in English by MangaGamer and it can now be purchased through their online store. (18+ Only)

This PC title is an eroge so it is for Adults Only and it currently costs $34.95 now that the pre-order discount has passed. The story of Really? Really! takes place at a time where an accident has caused Kaede’s memories to be thrown into dissarray and now it is up to you to try and fix her jumbled memories and return them back to their proper state. This can only be done by having Rin enter her sleeping mind in order to return her to normal.

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