NEW TRAILER UNVEILS THE LORE OF SKYFORGE, a subsidiary of Mail.Ru Group, has revealed a new trailer for the premium massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), Skyforge, which is currently being developed by the Allods Team, an in-house studio of Russian Internet giant Mail.Ru Group, with westernisation from US game maker Obsidian Entertainment. Skyforge will launch as an immersive MMORPG gaming experience for PC and registration is currently open for the Closed Beta at

Skyforge – World Introduction Trailer:

This new trailer does not only provide insight to the unique world of Skyforge, but also to the lore of the planet Aelion, one of Skyforge’s most beautiful and amazing planets. It is under siege by invading demons, the minions of other planets’ gods. They took advantage of the sudden mysterious disappearance of the god Aeli, the protector of Aelion, to conquer the defenceless planet. But mighty defenders rose from Aelion’s population. They fought valiantly, but each attack destroyed countless lives. Each leaves its mark on the planet.

But death has no hold over a special few, immortal heroes, who return time after time to stand for their planet. Aelion’s heroes are worshiped for their sacrifices, and this faith endows them with god-like powers. Are you ready to join the ranks of these immortal heroes? Are you strong enough to overcome all perils and take your place among the gods?

Register now for the closed beta of Skyforge at, which will begin in 2014 for PC. To get more information on Skyforge, please visit the official page, the official feed at Twitter and Facebook, as well as the official channel atYouTube.

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