Save Neutron City from the Octoids in Wicked Dog’s Ekon the Cyborg—a Frenetic Twin-Stick Shooter for iOS

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Save Neutron City from the Octoids in Wicked Dog’s Ekon the Cyborg—a Frenetic Twin-Stick Shooter for iOS

SINGAPORE – May 14, 2014 – An army of invading Octoids is threatening Neutron City and only Ekon the Cyborg can stop them! Developed by Wicked Dog Games, an indie studio based on Singapore, Ekon delivers frantic twin-stick action for iOS—reminiscent of the best PlayStation-era shooters. Players can download the game for free from the App Store. 

As Ekon, the player battles evil (and goofy) Octoids using a vast array of powerful weapons that include fan favorites Toxic Infector, SubZero Cannon, and the almighty Decompressor. Quick reflexes and special attention to loot drops are necessary at all times; they’re the quickest path to new weapons, ammo refills, and upgradable stats such as Reload Speed and Health Regen. Ekon the Cyborg ships with 34 levels and includes both Story and Survival modes unlocked from the start.

“We’re all hardcore gamers at Wicked Dog,” says Jeffrey Lim, producer at Wicked Dog Games. “With Ekon the Cyborg, we wanted to prove that mobile games don’t need to be ridiculously easy or cater to a casual audience in order to succeed. Ekon is a love letter to those early PlayStation games that wowed us with amazing (for the time!) flat-shaded polygon graphics and deviously challenging gameplay. Hope you enjoy mowing down Octoids as much as we enjoyed creating them :)”

Key Features

  • Frenetic, action-packed twin-stick shooter built from the ground up for touch screens
  • Gorgeous 3D arenas inspired by the early PlayStation era
  • Two gameplay modes: Campaign and Survival
  • Wide variety of upgradable primary and secondary weapons
  • Special events (like falling bombs!) that can turn the tide in a matter of seconds
  • Tons of unique enemy types
  • Awesome boss fights
  • Leaderboards that let you immortalize your exploits!

Ekon the Cyborg is free to download and play. Gamers looking to gain access to more powerful weapons and stat upgrades can acquire them through in-app purchases.

Supported devices

iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (4th gen and above)



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About Wicked Dog Games

Wicked Dog Games was founded in 2011 in sunny Singapore by talented developers who fondly remember Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior, Super Nintendo games, and 1990s isometric RPGs on PC. The studio is laser-focused on mobile with a classic console gaming sensibility. For more information on Wicked Dog Games, visit

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