Revolutionary Tower Defense Game, Breach TD, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Revolutionary Tower Defense Game, Breach TD, Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Video game company Space Rhino Games launched on May 2nd 2014, a Kickstarter campaign for Breach TD, its first mobile game, set to debut during the Summer of 2014. The Kickstarter effort will aim to gather additional funds to expand the game’s already innovative goals. Their initial crowd-funding goal is $35,000, with many stretch goals to follow. For access to the Kickstarter campaign visit

In creating a Kickstarter campaign the Breach TD creators are able not only to present their game to a global community of gamers, but also ensure that their future goals have an additional form of funding. These include not only being prepared for the current challenges of creating a complex mobile game, but also expand upon the features of such game after launch. Some of the features they hope to expand upon after the original release are allowing for Voice Chat between players and diverse attacks in the multiplayer capacity that will already exist. A variety of rewards will be available for the backers of the Kickstarter campaign such as additional unlocked Guardians, Battle Relics, exclusive wallpapers, access to development forums, and for those big spenders even the opportunity to design your own artwork for the game. will be unveiling Kickstarter updates, as well as game development updates such as new guardians and other pertinent game information, so users will be up-to-date on the elaboration process leading up to the game’s release. On the game’s website players will be able to get the latest game news and updates; a comprehensive game guide including game-play instructions and other background information; Guardian and Battle Relic descriptions; access to multimedia such as videos and artwork; a community section with forums open for discussions with other users; and much more. Players can also follow Breach TD via social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others accessible through the site for further updates.

Breach TD is a tower defense game, without the towers, set to revolutionize the genre by creating a unique take on game play, action visuals and user interaction.  The game allows for a variety of defensive units and battle relics (items with unique powers) to choose from for the formation of unique builds. It also will have a 3v3 multiplayer component, the ability to go into the offensive against the enemy team, and the ability to support your allies within that same component, which further separates it from other tower defense games.

For more information on Breach TD visit and stay tuned for updates on the game’s release and other news regarding the Kickstarter campaign. 

About Space Rhino Games 

Space Rhino Games was established in 2013 to develop videos games for multiple operational platforms. Its first game, Breach TD, will be released the Summer of 2014 initially for mobile platforms and with an online version to be released later. Space Rhino Games mission is to become one of the most recognized player centric videogame companies in the world. Its focus is to develop player-focused, free to play games, where the player community forms the foundation of its business. Its goal is to develop smart strategic concepts, which promote team-based gameplay while delivering an action packed experience, fostering and building a strong, avid, and loyal online community. For information visit

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