Nintendo Announces Pokemon X and Y 2DS Bundles

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X marks the spot

Gamers looking to pick themselves up a 2DS may want to listen up to Nintendo‘s latest announcement. The company has revealed that some new bundles involving the handheld that sparked many a discussion about design upon its release. For those unaware of what I speak about, the 2DS is essentially a stripped down version of the 3DS, though not in a bad way…depending on who you ask. With no central hinge or 3D capabilities, the 2DS is a console made for those who wish to play their games on a sturdier, hassleless handheld.


Y not get this one instead?

The new bundles will take advantage of the handheld’s¬†digital storage capabilities and will come with your choice of either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y pre-installed onto a Black+Blue 2DS. How handy is that? The bundles are set to launch on June 26th for the very reasonable price of AU$179.95. So if you’re pining for a new Nintendo console and haven’t started your Pokemon journey yet, mayhaps this deal would be a prudent investment. Besides, who can say no to Pokemon?


Decisions, decisions…

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