“Bomb the Monsters!” out now for iOs and Android

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“Bomb the Monsters!” out now for iOs and Android

Don’t make these monsters angry! Fire your bombs at those lousy creatures and get buildings to collapse on them. With lovely HD graphics and awesome physics!

Berlin, May 30, 2014 – That rocks: The Berlin/Germany based multiplatform publisher Immanitas Entertainment releases today “Bomb the Monsters!” worldwide as a universal app for all iOs devices (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod touch) and Android smartphones in a multilanguage version. The fun and terrific arcade app can be downloaded for free or as a paid PREMIUM version (1,99USD, 1,79EUR, 1,49GBP) at iTunes, GooglePlay, Amazon App Store and several alternative app stores.

“Bomb the Monsters!” features the story of a highly talented painter who is living a perfect life with his beloved wife. But one day things are changing when a huge horde of ugly monsters invade planet earth, capture the painter’s wife, and exhaust and exploit the whole planet. Now it’s up to the player to stop this horrible invasion and rescue the poor hostage – easier said than done!

The very well-known gameplay offers an easy entry into the game: In every level the player needs to place a limited amount of bombs next to the monsters for getting surroundings and buildings collapse on them to drive the monsters out. But the monsters are coming in various sizes and shapes and are fat, imbecile and extremely sticky. Because of the physical structure of their bodies, these stupid creatures stick to almost everything what makes it sometimes tricky to bomb them away.

“Bomb the Monsters!” offers over 60 levels in beautiful HD graphics; each level comes with non-linear solutions to eliminate the ugly monsters. Great music and sounds plus a motivating achievement system are part of this addictive mobile game as well and offering fun for the whole family.

“Bomb the Monsters!” is available as of today as a FREE and PREMIUM version at iTunes, GooglePlay and Amazon App Store. In addition there is also a PC version available as digital download.



  • Well known gameplay offering an easy access to the game
  • Realistic physics engine and beautiful HD graphics
  • Motivating achievement system with a variety of unlockable items.
  • Non-linear solutions for each and every levels
  • 2 worlds and 20 great levels in the FREE version! Buy the PREMIUM Version and get 40 more levels plus 4 additional and exciting new worlds!
  • Great music and awesome sound effects
  • Easy control
  • Multilingual version (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian)
  • Also as PC version available

Gameplay Video:         youtu.be/kH9MNzwtZ9Y

Download iOs:
iTunes FREE version:         https://itunes.apple.com/app/id863923228
iTunes PREMIUM version:   https://itunes.apple.com/app/id864958332

Download Android:
GooglePlay FREE version:
GooglePlay PREMIUM version:
Amazon PREMIUM version:

Download PC:
GamersGate: http://www.gamersgate.com/DD-BOMBMO/bomb-the-monsters

Title:                                   Bomb the Monsters!
Platform:                            iOs, Android, PC
Genre:                                Puzzle / Arcade
Languages:                        English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Thai, Indonesian
Release date:                    30. May 2014
SRP:                                  Free (Premium version: 1,99USD, 1,79EUR, 1,49GBP)
Publisher:                           Immanitas Entertainment
Developer:                          Kadus Virtual Development / FinalBoss

You want to review the game? Absolutely no problem, just ping us at pr@immanitas.com and we will happily send you promo codes and everything else you might need to cover this great app.

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About  Immanitas Entertainment GmbH:
Immanitas Entertainment GmbH is a globally operating publisher of digital entertainment in the highest quality headquartered in Berlin with a branch office in Bangkok. No matter if mobile games, online or social games or computer- and videogames – Immanitas Entertainment is an expert in all fields of the game.
The company brings together a highly motivated team of people with many years of experience in the industry that is passionate for gaming. The business focuses on marketing and direct end customer sales of multiplayer and social games for internet and all mobile platforms as well as on the distribution of entertaining products for next gen consoles and PC.

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