Blowfish Meets Meteor Receives Enhanced iPad-Compatible Edition

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Blowfish Meets Meteor Receives Enhanced iPad-Compatible Edition 

Aquatic block-breaking adventure sets sail with improved features

San Rafael, Calif. – May 1, 2014 – Sky Tyrannosaur, developer of the block-breaking iOS title Blowfish Meets Meteor, today announced that a new and improved version of the game is now available. This is the first time that Blowfish Meets Meteor runs natively on the iPad platform, arriving with numerous enhancements to its already acclaimed experience.

A fresh spin on a classic genre, Blowfish Meets Meteor begins as a simple block-breaker and steadily unfolds into something much greater as the player grasps the mechanics of the game. Incorporating innovative puzzle-solving elements, eight engaging boss battles, and frantic action sequences into its unique block-breaking format, the game features 10+ hours of content and 60 bite-sized levels across six chipper undersea worlds. Thousands of frames of hand-drawn animation and nearly 30 minutes of original soundtrack accompany players on the mission to save mermaid-kind, with absolutely zero in-app purchases to tarnish the experience.

In addition to iPad nativity, the new version of Blowfish Meets Meteor includes an overhauled physics engine to give the player a snappier and even more rewarding experience than before.  New music, sound effects, and animations have also been added to the game, as well as improved in-game tutorials to get players up to speed at a smooth pace. Furthermore, the scoring system has been rebuilt from scratch, allowing for a wider variety of scores and better rewards for players.

Blowfish Meets Meteor Key Features:

  • Mind-bending, game-changing, block-breaking action with a charming undersea twist
  • An evolving, 10+ hour experience that grows with the player, created with the principles of console titles in mind
  • Aesthetics crafted with care – vibrant, hand-drawn animation with 30 minutes of original tunes
  • Save mermaids in 60 varied levels, each with its own unique challenge, bonuses, and appeal
  • Eight engaging, screen-filling boss battles
  • Six diverse underwater worlds including saltwater glaciers, steamship graveyards, and even the innards of a gigantic sea-beast
  • Revamped physics engine and new animations for an even more satisfying experience
  • Native iPhone and now iPad performance with the smoothness of a calm lake
  • Buy the game once and only once; absolutely no in-app purchases

Blowfish Meets Meteor is now available on the App Store for $2.99 at

More information about the game can be found at

For the official trailer, please visit: Blowfish Meets Meteor trailer

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