World of Warplanes Set to Add UFOs

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For combat truly out of this world

That’s right folks, Wargaming has revealed its plans to introduce flying saucers into the MMO flight combat of World of Warplanes.

Starting April 1st, the Tier 5 German Kampfflugplatte Sleipnir I UFO will be available to all players registered in World of Warplanes for the low, low price of free. Along with the aircraft itself, pilots will also be able to earn the “Sleipnir Rider” and “Wrath of Odin” medals for their time spent testing this bizarre new way to fly.

Before it receives a true release, the testing period will serve to estimate the gameplay potential of the flying saucer. Should feedback be positive enough, each country represented in WoWp will receive their own branch of alien ships. So jump into the unfamiliar pilot’s seat and prove to the World of Warplanes that there’s a place for UFOs somewhere in that vast and violent sky.