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The Blackwell Epiphany PC Demo Now Available


The final chapter of The Blackwell series will be available on April 24th. In the mean time, gamers can get a taste of what is to come with the official The Blackwell Epiphany PC demo. The demo is only 360 MB in size and can be downloaded from the The Blackwell website.

The Blackwell series of point and click adventure games that follows spiritual medium Rosa Blackwell as she looks to settle the spirits of ghosts in New York City. Her partner in crime Joey Malone is a ghost himself. Their final adventure in this five chapter series will see them solving the biggest case they’ve ever tackled. The Blackwell Epiphany will be available for PC on April 24th. The game can be pre-ordered for $14.99 with exclusive pre-order bonuses from Wadjet Eye’s site.

Jamie Laike Tsui
Jamie Laike Tsui
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