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The Avengers Assemble… For Disney Infinity 2!


A lot of us thought it was going to happen, but now it is official! Disney have announced a follow-up to the hugely popular hybrid toy and video game combination Disney Infinity. A new trailer was released today that showed some of the original Disney Infinity characters, and… Captain America’s shield!

Called Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition, the game looks to be including an array of Marvel superheroes (since Disney owns Marvel Entertainment). As a massive fan of Disney Infinity, and comic books, I could not be any more excited for this to happen! Check out the teaser trailer:

So while we don’t have any hard facts about release date or characters included, it is still fun to speculate! So let us know in the comments your thoughts on who will be included in Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition, and remember to so stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the Disney Infinity news as it becomes available