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She finally smiles

selector infected WIXOSS
Episode 3: This Nonsensical Peace

With the events that transpired last episode, we finally have what could be considered a villain in the series. That being said, Akira is clearly unhinged and may prove to be another sad story for us to reflect upon. But let’s worry about that if it happens. For now, she’s the bad guy and she’s placed Yuzuki in her sights. I wonder how it’s all gonna pan out?


Sticks and stones…

Not well unfortuantely. Poor Yuzuki. After letting her emotions get the best of her, she challenged Akira to a battle, despite the fact she never managed to upgrade her deck. Big mistake. Once again utilising her straightforward tactics, she struggled to compete with Akira’s more complex battle style. Then came the mind games. Using her Peeping Analyse skill, Akira was able to stare directly into Yuzuki’s mind/soul and ascertain the exact nature of her wish…you can guess how well that went. Yuzuki is embarrassed enough revealing her wish to those she considers close, so when the sadistic Akira discovered her deepest desires, the slew of mockery was brutal. She even began to spell out the word which, while the first thing you think of, is rarely ever mentioned in anime: Incest. See, I feel weird even writing that down. I guess the series tries to avoid it in order to convey Yuzuki in a more favourable light. As a confused kid, rather than somebody who is intentionally pining after their own kin. The fact that Akira can use only half of the word and illicit such a violent reaction from Yuzuki also lends credence to the power the word has. It’s no doubt the last thing she wants to hear.

Speaking of Akira, this episode treats us to a relatively brief scene that showcases the true extent of her sadism. Far beyond the eyes of the public, she does not even attempt to conceal her nature with her saccharine facade. No more pleasant smiles. No more Aki-lucky. Just full blown fury. She even threatened to tear her own LRIG in half. Pretty brutal stuff. It would seem however, that much of Akira’s fury is born from the latest Selector presented: Iona, a fellow model with seemingly no outward emotion. Whether simply because they are competing from a career standpoint or something deeper, one thing is for certain: Akira hates Iona. Like sooo much. Though Iona may not be entirely innocent either. Though barely shown, her LRIG does outright state that they should just get rid of Akira. While Iona does shoot down the idea, perhaps her card reveals more than she is willing to?


What? Tama is evolving!

On a much more pleasant note, we also see some development between Hitoe and Ruko this episode. Entering into a noticeably more pleasant battle realm, the two play with a certain sense of joy that contrasts the whole Yuzuki/Akira conflict. However, despite all the pleasantries, I couldn’t fully get into the battle for fun concept when the threat of loss loomed in the air. I mean, three losses and you’re done. No more Selector status and presumably no more LRIG. Though I think Hitoe has a wish that could easily be solved without WIXOSS, I don’t exactly want to see her LRIG disappear. Though with Ruko being the sweetheart she is, maybe Hitoe won’t try to battle anymore. After all, her wish has already come true.

Now, all plot talk aside, am I the only one who doesn’t full understand what the rules of WIXOSS are? I’ve gathered that SIGNI are required for attacks and can only be utilised by a LRIG of comparable level, but how to LRIGs grow? Is it turn based, or is there some other element? Also Akira mentioned boosting the power of her LRIG by 5000…what does that mean? We’ve never actually seen attack points of any sort, the cards just kinda fight. I’m all for learning curves, but give me something to work with here. I mean, Ruko blocked a spell card and somehow won the match…huh? Also LRIGs can evolve now? That’s cool and all but once again, what does it all mean? I would be able to enjoy the battles much more thoroughly if I had a clue. IT’s not exactly easy to build tension within confusion.



Anyway, Yuzuki lost and got mad at her brother for being nice, so I’m sure we’re gonna deal with that relationship a little more next week. Hitoe lost and made a friend in Ruko, if she manages to suppress her shyness long enough to accept the invitation. Akira won and is royally ticked that she isn’t an Eternal Girl yet, serves her right. Ruko on the other hand is apparently well on her way to becoming her ideal self and having her wish granted. If only she knew what her wish was…

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