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Casual Brothers announced today that Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion, an up to four player co-op hack-n-slash featuring all types of flatulence based powers, is coming to PC on Steam in the American Spring with plenty of improvements such as the range of the camera system, increased frame rate and added Steam Achievements. Orcs have become victims of the reckless pollution caused by the humans and now it’s time for the orcs to take back the land. If fart jokes aren’t your thing, you can flip the switch over to the much cleaner ‘magic’ system.

Additional In-Game Features Include:

  • Local and online two-to four-person cooperative play.
  • An improved, intelligent new camera system enables players to share the same camera without losing sight of their co-op friends.
  • A faster framerate makes for a better looking and playing game.
  • Steam-based Achievements have been added for diehard PC gamers.
  • 16 different levels across four expansive environments.
  • Four Playable Orcs: Sir Sniff, Doc Turd, Lord Poop, or Friar Krap, each equipped with special fart-blasting abilities to out-stink their opponents.
  • As players progress, they gain experience and unlock new attack combinations, more efficient gas powers, additional strength, and increase in speed.
  • Using runes (the game’s currency), players can buy new equipment, weapons, power-ups, armor, and magic elixirs at the Orc Store.
  • Gamers can evolve their Orc avatars and distribute experience points to different characteristics such as strength, speed, and resistance to differentiate fighting styles.

Everyone still likes fart jokes right?

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is already available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, so get those versions if you can’t wait for all the Orc action. If you can wait though, the PC version seems to trying to fix alot of the errors that were present in the console versions and will msot likely be much better. Check out the screenshots below to get a feel for what the game looks like.

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