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Majin Bone

Episode 3 – Rejection of Bone

I’ve heard of getting boned but this is just ridiculous!

So now that Majin Bone essentially threw the kitchen sink threw a window onto an exploding tractor popping a wheelie, the stakes are most certainly raised, although they lack any sense of urgency. Things are beginning to reach a fever pitch and Majin Bone is starting to hit its stride as its main story arc seemingly finally kicks into gear.


What we learn this week is that Shougo’s bone is a special bone for some inexplicable reason. So much so that aliens are invading Earth in order to steal his bone. Tsundere blue-haired Aussie Luke informs Shougo that bones have a mind and will of their own and that they need to resonate and connect with their user in order to work. Unfortunately for Shougo, for some unexplained reason his bone decides to screw him around and not resonate with him, essentially being boned by his own bone.

This week we get to see the whole Bone Boys Brotherhood (as I have dubbed them) get into some serious action against the invaders in the digital world. Not much is explained about who the aliens are, why they so badly want Dragon Bone or what exactly bones even are. That is thus far Majin Bone’s greatest flaw, it just doesn’t explore any of it’s elements other than at immediate face value. “Here is an alien, he wants the bone thing but that bone is ours so lets fight him” Is essentially the gist of the entire series up until this point but by and large it has worked for the most part.


The CG improves this week and we get a pretty fun battle sequence with Luke, Antonio and Tyrone going against a group of invaders in the digital world (another part of this series that has not even been even slightly explained). Each get to show off their own individual combat styles, Antonio doing his best Eddie Gordo (Tekken) impression and Luke going for a bit of a swim all the while Tyrone just kind of pummels things. Shougo doesn’t make it into the fight because his bone rejects him. Why it rejects him is up to debate, but I’m betting it has to do with the fact that he was kind of bitching out and not wanting to fight, but you now it’s only a hunch (that is probably right).

Antonio continues to shine as comedic relief here as he randomly appears at Shougo’s school pretending to be a window cleaner, only to quickly drop the charade and begin juggling to the amusement of the rest of Shougo’s class. He is through and through a very stereotypical character who plays heavily into the Brazilian racial stereotypes, but he is just such a fun character that it doesn’t matter in the slightest. Heck he even debuts a new catchphrase in this episode ‘Oh! Dynamite!’ may just have given ‘This is Japanese plate spin!’ a run for its money.


The episode wraps with the conclusion that Shougo must somehow reconnect with his bone after it harshly rejected him right before a battle. The story is a little contrived and almost seems too soon of a development when we have hardly even seen Shougo don the bone so far. This is the kind of plot point that generally arises late in a series, to run this kind of a story line so early is a little confusing but it should be interesting to see how it plays out. My guess is that Shougo will form a bond with the bone, also I suspect the bone will probably start talking to him because this is Majin Bone and it is a ridiculously silly anime series.

All in all this was a pretty good episode. It took things to a whole other level and actually gave the story some actual stakes (the end of the world and what not). Yet another solid Majin Bone.

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