Knights of Sidonia to Premiere in Madman Screening Room

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To the bitter end…


They fight for what remains…

Madman has announced that the highly anticipated sci-fi epic, Knights of Sidonia has been added to their ever expanding list of acquisitions and is set to premiere exclusively in the Screening Room. Based on the manga written by Nihei Tsutomu, Knights of Sidonia takes place 1000 years after an alien race known as the Gauna have decimated the solar system. Despite the unbelievable damage, a small portion of the human race has managed to survive thanks to an enormous spaceship called Sidonia. Ever since, this final facet of resistance has worked tirelessly to maintain and defend the remnants of humanity.

Featuring stellar animation by multi-award winning studio Polygon Pictures (Transformers Prime, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Tron: Uprising), Knights of Sidonia opts for CGI visuals, rather than the more traditional 2D animation. Rather suiting for a science fiction anime set far in the future.



Tanikaze Nagate is a young boy who has recently been accepted into a school for Guardian pilot trainees, where he also makes his first interactions with people other than his grandfather. During their first assignment, Nagate and his friends encounter a Gauna for the first time in a hundred years. This is where the battle for humanity’s survival starts.

So jump into the Screening Room on April 11th and watch the first stream of this sci-fi epic. Presented in it’s original Japanese format with English subtitles, the series is also set to receive and English dub in July. Guess that means you’ll just have to watch it twice.


To all who received our media announcement yesterday, or at Supanova Gold Coast over the weekend regarding KNIGHTS OF SIDONIA – Madman are disappointed to advise that the previously announced simulcast for this series has been cancelled.

We sincerely apologise to fans for any inconvenience this may cause.

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