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Slingshot Braves is a full 3D Fantasy Action RPG Game Already Popular in Japan

TOKYO – April 23, 2014  –COLOPL, a leading mobile games company in Japan, has released drag & release action RPG game Slingshot Braves worldwide on the App Store. The chart-topping app is currently available in Japan for both Android and iOS and the Android version was recently released worldwide to high praise. Slingshot Braves has been enjoyed by the users worldwide with high ratings of 4.2 on Google Play and 4.5 on the App Store.

In Slingshot Braves,theplayer becomes an adventurer in search of the legendary weapon “Slingshot.” Even with its simple drag & release controls, Slingshot Braves offers exhilarating action with exciting real-time co-op battles with friends, weapon & armor upgrades, evolve features, and much more.

“We are really excited to launch Slingshot Braves worldwide,” said Naruatsu Baba, President and CEO of COLOPL. “We hope everyone around the world will enjoy the exhilarating drag & release action and real-time co-op battle with friends.”

Features for Slingshot Braves include:

  • Attack the enemies with your fingertips:  drag, aim and release to attack the enemies and build up the combos for greater damage.
  • Exciting fantasy RPG with a great storyline:  take part in the search for the legendary weapon “Slingshot” in the city of Landova. Enjoy the action as well as the full drama storyline.
  • Play together with your friends:  thanks to real-time co-op battle, players are able to enjoy exciting battles with other players! Team up with friends to challenge strong opponents and obtain rare items.
  • Collect materials and create the strongest weapons and armor, with over two hundred options available. . Obtain materials in battle to upgrade and evolve them. Create even stronger weapons and armor to your advantage in battle.

Slingshot Braves is now available as a free download (offers in-app purchases) on the App Store at

About COLOPL Inc.

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