Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastaion DLC Available on Xbox Live

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Prepare for Devastation

The battle rages on as Call of Duty: Ghosts receives its newest DLC Pack, entitle: Devastation. As always, the pack will add a plethora of features to the game, including a few that may just surprise you.

Adding a host of new content to the game’s online multiplayer experience, Devastation features four new small-to-medium multiplayer maps, to set the scene as players brutally assault each other in the hopes of achieving victory.

  • Set in a multi-level Mayan temple, “Ruins” provides the verticality needed for long-range weapons, while the underground pathways below are perfect for close-quarters showdowns. Skilled players that find and complete the map’s unique Field Order will have the ability to become one of Hollywood’s most formidable action film stars and the galaxy’s ultimate hunter, the deadly Predator. As the Predator, players will brandish its dual wrist blades and shoulder-mounted plasma cannon, as well as be able to utilise the creature’s keen hunting abilities to track down enemy players.
  • “Collision” takes place in the mangled remains of a cargo ship that’s crashed into a New York City bridge. The map’s tight corridors – made-up of burnt-out vehicles and demolished shipping containers – create a space perfect for run-and-gun players. Players that dominate “Collision” and complete the map’s specific Field Order will be able take control of a heavily armed aircraft and rain down destruction from above.
  • “Behemoth” drops players atop a massive excavation platform in South America.  The map’s long sight lines are ideal for long-range weapons, while the confined interiors of the platform’s control rooms make for intense SMG and Shotgun encounters. Completing “Behemoth’s” Field Order will allow players to control an attack helicopter armed with a deadly, armour-piercing mini-gun as it circles the excavator searching for enemy combatants.
  • “Unearthed” is a reimagined version of the fan-favorite map “Dome” from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. “Unearthed” is full of new secrets and Cryptid artifacts for players to discover in this compact, versatile map, great for all play types. Unlock the map’s Field Order and unleash the power of the Cryptids, with three “Seeder” aliens chasing down and inflicting heavy damage on enemy combatants.

The hunter…remains the hunter

To compliment these new locales, Devastation will also add the fearsome Ripper to player’s arsenals. Half SMG. Half Assault Rifle. The Ripper grants you the power of both in one handy gun. Alter functionality on the fly and choose how you wish to see your foes fall. Isn’t military technology frightening? Though if you were looking for something a little more advanced, perhaps you’d be interested in taking control of one of space’s most dangerous threats: the Predator. That’s right, one of film’s most iconic figures is set to join in the chaos of war and use some out of this world skills to ensure victory. Mike Doyle (Head of Fox Interactive Games) said:

Activision and Infinity Ward have done a tremendous job in bringing the Predator to life within Call of Duty: Ghosts. The Devastation DLC Pack was a perfect opportunity to pair two incredibly iconic and complementary brands – Call of Duty and Predator, and we’re extremely pleased with the explosive result.”

On the topic of aliens and their destruction, players will also be able to enjoy the next instalment of the ongoing Extinction storyline, known as Episode 2: Mayday. Following the events that took place in the Nightfall Program facility, the Quick Reaction Force boards a Chinese research vessel adrift in the South Pacific Ocean. Players are tasked with pursuing Captain Archer and attempt to uncover what has become of Doctor Cross. Of course the Cryptids will be there to throw up a little resistance, luckily numerous Venom-X weapons are ready and waiting to be used against the alien menace. For some added difficulty, a new Cryptid known as the Seeder will make an appearance. Though that pales in comparison to the 400 foot tall monstrosity, known only as: the Kraken.


If you think these are ruins now…

Daniel Suarez (Vice President of Production, Activision Publishing Inc) said:

“Devastation is another incredible offering for fans to sink their teeth into. With an array of new maps tuned for the fast-paced, run-and-gun action Call of Duty is best known for, new weapons in both multiplayer and Extinction mode, the next chilling entry in the game’s Extinction story, and now the Predator – Devastation continues the unparalleled season of Call of Duty: Ghosts post-launch content.”

Call of Duty: Devastation is, at the moment, available on the 360 and One via Xbox Live. Standalone, the DLC will cost $19.95, though purchaser of the Season Pass will gain access to four DLC Packs (including Devastation) planned for release throughout the year for $64.95. Season PAss holders will  also gain instant access to the Team Leader Digital Pack, which includes a unique multiplayer character head, weapon camo, reticle, patch, player card and background. If this isn’t enough to sate your Call of Duty lust, head on over to their Facebook page and watch football players A.J. Green (Cincinnati Bengals) and LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles) coach fans and Infinity Ward members in a grudge match for the ages. Isn’t it nice how a good fight brings people together?

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