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The Aristocratic ‘Broken Lords’ Hold a Dark Secret; See New Gameplay Video, Screenshots, and Artwork

Haarlem, The Netherlands – April 3, 2014 – Returning from a triumphant Game Developers Conference 2014 in sunny San Francisco, Ca., the Amplitude Studios team is back in Paris, France to reveal the third faction in its upcoming 4X fantasy title Endless Legend. Gamers now have the chance to make their acquaintance with the ‘Broken Lords’ in the all-new reveal video, showing this intriguing new faction inhabiting Auriga.

The ‘Broken Lords’ reveal video is also available on the Iceberg YouTube Channel HERE:

Who Are the Broken Lords?
Following the previous faction reveals of the Vaulters and the Wild Walkers, the Broken Lords are a faction of knights and town-builders; an aristocratic society that believes in honor, virtue, and justice. To succor the weak, to champion what is just, to root out evil wherever it may lurk – those are the ideals by which these noble warriors would live.

And yet, the Broken Lords are a crippled people that exist only as spirits wrapped in their great suits of Dust-enhanced armor. Other nations view them as monsters, for their race was fading when it discovered a deadly secret – that by consuming the life force of a sentient being they could extend their own life span. This rite of consumption is, obviously, a complete betrayal of their principles and their history. The greatest hope of the Broken Lords, therefore, is to develop magic that will break this curse and allow them to live without destroying others.

Though the question remains, and haunts their thoughts: Even if they did find a cure, would they want to give up this powerful gift? Their codes and morality insist ‘yes’, but in their hearts it is much less clear…

For those who missed the previous two Faction Reveals, please view the Wild Walkers Video Reveal HERE:

And the Vaulters Reveal Video HERE:

Endless Legend is coming to Steam’s Early Access program soon. More information on the game can already be found on the official Website:

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