Zeus Vs Monsters: Greek Mythology by the Numbers

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One of the hardest aspects of learning mathematics is the sustained practice which is required in order to become proficient. Practising can become tedious and boring which means that the children fail to engage with the work, which in turn causes them to not retain anything they’ve learnt. Video games have been used to help bridge this gap between practising and retention by ensuring students remain engaged throughout their practice. It is in this vein of ‘edutainment‘ that Peaksel’s new family-friendly game: Zeus vs Monsters. This game hopes to help these kids not only practice mathematics, but also to learn a bit about Greek mythology (which is pretty cool and has made a resurgence in Geek culture recently, a la Magic the Gathering).

The game hopes to facilitate the practice of mathematical functions and formulas while also providing a background based in Greek Mythology. It hopes to teach maths skills as well nifty things about the Ancient Greek gods such as who Zeus and the Titans were, over what domain Hades ruled, and other such interesting tidbits. There are also options in place to allow an educator to track the progress of their student and see in what areas they may be having difficulty which sounds like quite a nifty feature…

For gaming parents, this might be an interesting way to help your child when it comes to learning mathematics. The game is available free for iOS on the App Store here. Take a look and tell us what you think for yourself…

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