Pokémon Battle Trozei, Pure Chess and more Swap to the eShop

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Haven’t had enough Pokemon yet? There is more to offer this week as Nintendo have dropped Pokémon Battle Trozei on the 3DS eShop, which is a follow-up to the original Pokémon Trozei released on the Nintendo DS quite a few years ago. While the gameplay is about the same aside from the addition of generation six Pokes, the price has a much lower entry fee at just $7.99.


Pure Chess is also out this week for the 3DS and Wii U at the same price, bringing a non-gimmicky version of the game to those who just want the raw deal. Natsume’s puzzle platformer Yumi’s Odd Odyssey comes in as another interesting feast at $29.99, adding another digital exclusive release to the eShop’s growing library. Other than those releases, we have a nice trial on Wii Sports Club for the weekend that anyone and give a whirl, and the NES version of Volleyball for $4.99 popping up on the Virtual Console.

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