Nosgoth Founders’ Packs available now

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Nosgoth Founders’ Packs available now

48 hours remain for first week discount

Square Enix is thrilled to announce Nosgoth Founder Packs are now available for the ongoing Closed Beta phase of Nosgoth, the ultimate battle for survival in a war between Humans and Vampires.

Designed to offer players a multitude of options as to how they first enter Nosgoth and give access to exclusive content such as character and weapon skins, early access to advanced classes, plus bundles of extras such as friend invites and boosters, all Founder Packs of course include immediate access to the closed beta.

An early bird promotion offering 10% discount on a number of the packs will run until Wednesday 2nd April (04:00 PDT / 07:00 EDT / 11:00 UTC / 12.00 BST / 13:00 CEST).

For detailed information on each of the six Founders’ Packs on offer, please visit:

Nosgoth will be updated continually throughout Closed Beta, with new classes, maps, modes, abilities, weapons, controller and e-sport support, challenges, a league ranking system and much much more!

About Nosgoth
Developed by Psyonix, Nosgoth is a unique team-based player-versus-player game pitting together a variety of brutal Human and Vampire characters in a fight for survival.  Created as a competitive free-to-play title in order to break down barriers between the creators and the players, Nosgoth doesn’t include weapons, items or abilities that are inherently better (aka supremacy goods).  All items in the Nosgoth in-game store are side-grades not upgrades to create a fair game experience based purely on skill.

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