MyDream achieves early Kickstarter success Massive, Realistic 3-D Multiplayer Sandbox Game coming to Market

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MyDream achieves early Kickstarter success Massive, Realistic 3-D Multiplayer Sandbox Game coming to Market

San Francisco, CA, 27th March, 2014MyDream is well on its way to market with the announcement that the game has surpassed its Kickstarter goal of $100,000 in just days. The fast funding demonstrates the excitement for the title and its potential to deliver a new kind of social sandbox game. As a result of the rapid funding, new “stretch” goals have been announced on Kickstarter including general Survival Mode, a rock creature breeding system, a tower defense system, a voxel vehicle creator and more.

MyDream allows players to experience unlimited, user-created adventures that are fun and encourage real-life skills such as creativity and collaboration. Currently in very early private beta testing and by invitation only, MyDream already features over 4.3 million user-generated 3D voxel objects. Through its system of rewards, the game promotes adventure, creation and cooperation. MyDream brings together gaming genres including sandbox, RPG and adventure, with realistic graphics to create a new type of open-world gameplay experience where MyDreamers can create and explore any adventure imaginable. The possibilities are limited only by the players’ imaginations. More than just a game, MyDream is a community built on principles.

When players enter the MyDream world they become immersed in a 3-D online gameplay experience unlike anything they have encountered before,” said Allison Huynh, CEO of MyDream.  “Our Kickstarter campaign will help bring our vision of the final game to market and provide backers with special abilities including wings to fly, X-ray vision to see through walls and even a pet rock monster, all to make their experience even more amazing and fun!

MyDream features three main “reward tracks” and players can “level-up” each of these at their own pace:

Exploring: MyDream has a massive number of adventures to join, with something for players of every level, from beginner to expert. The number of adventures available will grow by the hour, as every time you login, there will be new adventures to explore, created by the MyDream community.

Building: Players will earn rewards from the creation of three main items – new organic environments; the creation of buildings and other structures; and what many players will find the most fun, the creation of their own adventures to share with others

Cooperation: There will be incentives for players to work together and the MyDream world is built around positive reinforcement and teamwork.

MyDream’s Kickstarter offering is available at:

About MyDream Interactive 
Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, MyDream Interactive is a pioneering development studio with the dedicated mission of making people’s dreams come to life in the most ambitious 3-D sandbox game ever created. Designed by an eclectic team of game designers in collaboration with professors and researchers at Stanford University, MyDream is a trail-blazing, realistic first-person game that promotes adventure, creation, and cooperation.

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