Maya The Bee Arrives On iOS and Android

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Developer “Studio 100” and publisher “BulkyPix” are extremely excited to announce that their brand-new mobile video game title “Maya The Bee: The Ant’s Quest” is now available for both iOS and Android devices. This cute and quirky puzzle game plays quite similar to the highly popular Nintendo-published series “Pikmin”. You play as Maya the bee who is on a quest to save the ant queen who has been infected by an odd and scary virus. The queen needs a cure for this illness and Maya is the only one that can help! In “Maya The Bee: The Ant’s Quest” players will be in control of all kinds of different ants to help her on her quest to save the queen: the soldiers, the workers and the conveyors, each one of them having their own functions and each one of them wants to do their part.


Recruit new ants, beware the wasps and solve the many challenges standing in your way. This is certainly a game that the whole family can enjoy, with brilliant visuals and a nice storyline there’s no one out there that can resist the charm of “Maya The Bee: The Ant’s Quest”. As mentioned above; the game is now available for both iOS (Click Here) and Android (Click Here) devices so head over to the app page now to grab your copy of the game for only $2.99. Still not convinced? Check out the “Maya The Bee: The Ant’s Quest” trailer below!

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