First Gameplay Video for Galactic Civilizations III Released

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Today, Stardock released an early look at the alpha version of Galactic Civilizations III. The trailer shows off some early exploration combat and gameplay while Adam Biessner discusses the yet to be implemented features like the diplomacy system and ship creator.

Galactic Civilization III is a follow up to the long running Galactic Civilization series of strategy games. Players will have plenty of options on how they wish to win the game, as military might is not the only path to victory. Galactic Civilizations III is the first Stardock game to be built exclusively on a 64-bit platform, allowing for much greater content to run on screen at one time.


Founder’s Elite Editions are available for sale for $99.99 through the official Galactic Civilizations III store. Buyers will be able to get access to the Early Access alpha, have a subscription to all future DLCs and expansions, receive the right to name a star, enter the Founder’s Vault, and will have a special forum badge beside their name. An Early Access version will be made available on Steam later this week.

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