Earth Defense Force 2025 Brings Despair and Rampage with new DLC Out Today

News Arcade Playstation 3 Shooter D3 Publisher Xbox 360


As if you needed another reason to go back to Earth Defense Force 2025, Sandlot and D3 Publisher are delivering more content with two DLC packs that are available as of today. The hectic shooter has seen a lot of love recently with a solid release, and you can get the Mutant Rampage and Beyond Despair packs today to add 40 missions in all to the experience.

Here is what to expect:

· Mutant Rampage – 20 new mayhem filled missions where players will have to take on more massive dragons, robots and, of course, BUGS!

· Beyond Despair – 20 new missions where the player will have to exterminate the dreaded Ravagers!

As we mentioned in the review, this is one title that thrives of its already loaded content, but if you want more, now is the time to grab the gun and jump in!

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