Dragons Unleashed on MOBA Players Versus Evil and Wyrmbyte Launch Dragons and Titans™ for PC and Mac

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Dragons Unleashed on MOBA Players Versus Evil and Wyrmbyte Launch Dragons and Titans™ for PC and Mac

AUSTIN, TX – 13th March, 2014 – Independent game publisher Versus Evil and indie developer Wyrmbyte,  today announce the release of Dragons and Titans a free-to-play (F2P) Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), on PC and Mac. Featuring over 30 dragons to choose as your champion, a host of weapons to wield, single player campaigns and a selection of your favorite multiplayer maps.  Dragons and Titans is now available to download direct from digital distribution service Steam.

“Dragons and Titans brings a totally new adventure to the MOBA scene and we love how Wyrmbyte has developed something unique for this space, “ said Steve Escalante, General Manager, Versus Evil. “We feel the addition of RPG elements such as single player campaigns, improving weapons in the forge and upgrading your Dragons are fun additions to a MOBA and can’t wait for gamers to experience it.  Dragons and Titans is great indie title and another good example of an independent game studio developing the game they want to make.”

In Dragons and Titans players take on the role of a Dragon Lord who has been called into battle to release their deity (a Titan) from captivity so they can rule for the next 100 years. At launch, players can select from over 30 different dragons, each with unique abilities and progression levels, as well as a range of weapons which can be upgraded in the ‘Forge’ from elements scavenged during battle.

“Our team are big fans of online competitive games, but we wanted a faster match experience that would let us play several matches over lunch, rather than just one long one” said Scott Brown, President of Wyrmbyte. “We are also big dragon fans here and saw an opportunity to build a new type of MOBA game around this mythical creature.  This is how Dragons and Titans was born and the game has evolved from that basic concept into a unique type of MOBA with a variety of game play options.  We are committed to adding a lot of great new content regularly, long after it has launched.”

The battles in Dragons and Titans range from 10-15 minutes, giving gamers access to more matches during any given session with a variety of gaming options including 5V5 PVP, Co-op or single player ‘adventure mode’. Map types available at launch will be familiar to the the MOBA gamer including traditional MOBA, Capture & Hold and ARAM (All Random All Middle).

Three exceptional value ‘starter’ packs are available at launch to help gamers get started:

Basic ($14.99, £11.99, €13.99) – 2 Dragon Packs, 2 Weapon Packs, 7,500 Crystals, Exclusive Avatar, 10 x Epic War Marks, 1x Multi Potion Pack

Premium ($29.99, £22.99, €27.99) – 4 Dragon Packs, 4 Weapon Packs, 12,500 Crystals, Exclusive Avatar, Act II,25 x Epic War Marks, 2x Multi Potion Pack

Elite ($49.99, £29.99, €45.99) – 7 Dragon Packs, 7 Weapon Packs, 20,000 Crystals, Exclusive Avatar, Acts II & III, 100 x Epic War Marks, 5 x Multi Potion Pack

To learn more about Dragons and Titans visit: http://www.dragonsandtitans.com/

About Versus Evil

Versus Evil is an independent video game publisher focused on working with talented independent game developers for all platforms. The company’s philosophy centers on building a partnership by giving development teams the level of support they need so they can focus on making the games they want to make.  Versus Evil offers the full suite of publishing services as well as senior level counsel on product strategy, monetization and distribution through a network of trusted partners. © Versus Evil LLC. 2013-2014.  All rights reserved.

About Wyrmbyte

Wyrmbyte is an indie video game studio founded in 2012 by industry veterans from END Games Entertainment and NetDevil. Wyrmbyte’s first published title, Dragons and Titans, was developed to offer gamers something new and unique in the MOBA space.

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