Crunchyroll Adds “One Piece” Anime Catalog To Their Online Collection

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Oi, nakama, listen up because we’ve got some really exciting news straight from our friends over at Crunchyroll that’ll get fans of the long-running Shonen series “One Piece” absolutely jumping for joy! It was announced over the weekend that Crunchyroll will now begin to add an average of 20-30 older “One Piece” episodes per week.

This will occure every Saturday at 6:00pm Pacific time at the exact same time as the brand-new episodes air. This means if the new episode left with a little more than just a simple “One Piece” itch, you can get your fill of the pirate crew and their amazing adventures by watching older episodes. This is fantastic news for “One Piece” fans who have followed it from the very beginning as well as fans of anime who are yet to jump onto the monstrous bandwagon that is the “One Piece” fandom.

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