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Xbox Live – A Week of Deals (2/04 – 2/10)


Having yet to yield from delivering a Xbox One title, Microsoft discounts Lococycle during this interim of weekly deals. Unlike the plethora of games we saw last week, there are only four discounts total for the Xbox 360. I’ll wait for the disappointment and obscene gestures…


LococycleXbox One40% to 50% Off
Grand Theft Auto VGames on Demand33% Off
Grand Theft Auto IVGames on Demand50% Off
GTA IV: The Lost and DamnedAdd-On50% Off
GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay TonyAdd-On60% Off

Well, that didn’t take long! For those that haven’t had a chance to pick up GTA V, I can see a viable purchase being made. However, the lack of a list is more disturbing as in the previous interim of deals there were 26 items. Who dropped the ball there?!

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