Wargame Red Dragon Shows First Trailer

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The hostilities commence

The tension is ramping up in Wargame Red Dragon! The latest game in the Real-Time Strategy series developed Eugen Systems, the game will take players to the heart of Asia and all the conflict that dwells within.

Flagged as a more ambitious title than Wargame AirLand Battle, Red Dragon is taking the same game mechanics that made the franchise popular and adding a few features. The title will feature 5 new nations bringing in over 450 units, new combat vehicles amassing a total of over 1300 and the introduction of brand new naval units, including landing crafts, amphibious vehicles and warships. These new craft will add a new dimension to combat, as waterways now become a means of attack, instead of an obstacle. Whilst the multiplayer mode will pit Wargamers against each other up to 20 at a time, the solo campaign will throw players headfirst into the conflict alone. In a hellish war against North Korea, who will come out on top?

Though information on Red Dragon’s release date remains rather vague, details regarding the game itself are set to come in over the next few weeks. Check out the trailer, along with the screenshots, below and get ready to take the fight to the enemy.

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