Wakfu: The Animated Series Successfully Funded

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The smiling faces of victory

Good news Wakfu fans! The Kickstarter for the animated series has has just recently closed far beyond their goal. Far beyond a few stretch goals too. Originally asking for $80,000 Ankama Animation has accumulated a sum of CAD$483,524 from a total of 5,707 backers.

For those of you who don’t know, Wakfu: The Animated Series is a French based anime-esque adaptation of a rather popular MMO. Already a cult hit in France, the series now has a chance to get some traction in the West with this new Kickstarter funded English dub. But wait, there’s more. With additional funding included, Ankama reached a total of eight stretch goals, just falling short of their ninth. In addition to the dub, expect to see:


There’s so much more to enjoy

A hearty congratulations to Ankama for successfully funding this project and blowing they’re original goal out of the water. I guess there are a few English speaking Wakfu fans out there. For more info on the series itself, check out the official site. Now we play the waiting game…

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