Pulses Quicken with Need for Speed Movie Super Bowl Spot

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Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon – © DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC. All Rights Reserved

Dreamworks is putting the pedal to the metal in promoting the Need for Speed movie, aiming to get your heart racing with the Super Bowl spot “Pulse”. You can view the 30-second, adrenaline-fueled trailer embedded at the bottom of this article.

Its story may be derivative and uninspired – the source material isn’t exactly Shakespearean – but clearly the production is focused on real, authentic racing and stunt-driving, as opposed to the highly outlandish sequences found in the Fast & Furious franchise. Death Proof was lauded for staging possibly the best car-chase in film, because it wasn’t CGI’d and there was an air of true danger as stuntwoman Zoey Bell was being flung side to side on the hood of a speeding car. Need for Speed may not feature such an individual, stand-out moment, but in the case of racing flicks, I’d choose realism vs computer generated any day.

Check out the smash-edited spot below and let us know what you think. I love the quick cuts marked by the sounds of each supercar’s engine.

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