Predator Hunts Down a 3D Release

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If it bleeds…

Mark February 26th on the calendar because Twentieth Century Fox have announced that they will be releasing the classic sci-fi hit Predator in Blu-Ray 3D (hopefully to greater response than their previous 3D endeavour). As if the original version didn’t keep you entertained, the extra dimension is set to add that little bit extra to the movie. Gun fights, explosions and that alien guy…Predator I believe. The power of 3D should help you feel closer to the action, like you’re right there in the jungle…with the dangerous hunter from space…cool? If you’d rather watch the film in a more classic style, it is also available in Blu-Ray 2D form. Both versions of the film are packaged in a limited edition lenticular case, for that bonus cool factor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wages an all-out war against an unstoppable enemy in this pulse-pounding action thriller – now in spectacular 3D for the first time ever! On a rescue mission deep within a Central American jungle, a team of U.S. commandos find themselves hunted by a terrifying creature more powerful and deadly than any on Earth…because the Predator is not of this Earth.

Check out the screenshots below and let the pop culture nostalgia wash over you. It’s time to watchsome good ol’ fashioned Schwarzenegger action…Get to the chopper!

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