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Gun No. 8: Tunnel

With last week’s minor divergence into the case of the zombie warships, we once again find ourselves exploring the repercussions of the Invasion Objects landing in Taiwan. Utilising his Easy Chair, Vidocq determines that the Invasion Objects may just have a few secrets that are aiding them in their quest for humanity’s end. Namely, their own personal undersea highway.


Yeah, in her dreams…

Beginning the episode with Vidocq’s report to the Commander, we are able to learn a tad more about what exactly an AU chair can do. True to his strategist nature, the chair is able to organise input data and extrapolate every possible scenario. It is due to this that Vidocq hypothesises an undersea tunnel that has helped the Objects cross oceans unhindered. As such a crucial mission, the First Platoon is called into action. Whilst exploring said tunnel, they discover countless Objects that have taken up residence in a network of caves. This being the case, there may not be just one tunnel hidden in the depths. True to anime form, these grunts are merely protecting their leader, who is in this case a colossal squid/octopus/cephalopod thing. This in itself is interesting as it represents an Invasion Object still suited only to a water habitat, a fact which may indicate its age. However, it may also express an ability within the Objects to adapt to environments individually, something hinted at way back in Episode 1. It should also be noted that the minions of the tunnel bore more of a resemblance to insects than previously seen Objects. Again, a sign of the bizarre physiology that makes them such a strange and interesting force.

During the undersea expedition, we also catch a glimpse of Vidocq’s true colours. Hell bent on acquiring data, he will go to any means he sees fit to complete a mission. In this case, poor Galiko bore the brunt of his emotionless actions. It is also due to these actions that we witnessed some of the negative aspects of an AU Weapon. As her Europa satellite was crushed by the cephalopod, Galiko herself was injured. As noted by Hunter, there is a feedback from weapon to wielder that forces them to feel pain should their weapon be damaged. In the case of Galiko, the destruction of Europa could have possibly killed her. Something that she would have done for Vidocq and something he would let happen. Thank god the Second Platoon showed up. However, for the sake of discussion, Vidocq was merely doing his job. In the quest for peace and safety from the Invasion Objects, each member of DOGOO is aware of the risks. Were it for the greater good, each one should be prepared to lay down their life. Would it really have been better to save Galiko at the cost of the data on their enemy? These are the tough choices that plague the battlefield.


Devotion can be dangerous

This episode also gives us yet another glimpse into the interesting world that dwell inside Sio’s head. It would seem that her bizarre new living conditions are indeed affecting her, whether she admits it or not. Within her otaku brain, not only did she imagine her and Asao on the beach in fairly revealing swimsuits, but also Jack and Gandhi…as a couple. On top of that, Newton also made an appearance as her “true lover” and proceeded to greet Sio in her typical way. Luckily Sio awoke from her dream and entered the real world once more…with Newton in her bed next to her. Boundaries aren’t exactly an important thing at DOGOO are they? Anyway, in a completely different part of Sio’s mind, we also witness her latent tactical abilities appearing once more. However, as opposed to previous bouts of battlefield competence where her Nobunaga personality took over, Sio was still in her right mind. As the battle raged on around her, she ran through a number of scenarios in order to protect her Commander. However, still possessing her trademark nervousness, she was too afraid to interrupt her trained compatriots. Despite this, she did not underestimate herself too much, as she still decided to trust her instincts, a fact which save the day. Even at the moment of impact, Sio utilised brilliant tactics and damaged her own ship in order to save it. Something that couldn’t have been easy for the military fanatic. Not even the almighty First Platoon, nor the Second, considered the Invasion Object’s true intentions, something which may have just earned Sio their respect…and ire.


Just one big happy family

So, with the cephalopod living to fight another day, it’s time for First and Second Platoons to regroup and restrategise. Acts which may proceed more smoothly if the groups could stop bickering for a few minutes. Though the chances of that happening are astronomically small. With doubts placed in their minds by their resilient foe and their own inability to forsee battle scenarios, the dream teams of DOGOO still have a lot to learn. Not that they’d ever admit it. Oh, and if someone could pick up Sio on their way home that’d be great. She’s kinda drowning at the moment…

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