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Nagi no Asukara Episode 17 Impressions


Nagi no Asukara
Episode 17 – The Sick Two

The more things change the more they stay the same. Or something like that. This episode really had the audience dwelling on change and whether it’s something we should expect to happen naturally, or a force to resist in order for one to remain themselves. But more importantly, it featured plenty of Sayu so that gives me an excuse to post her many faces.

The episode title probably refers to Sayu and Miuna, the two girls “sick” with a love they can’t let go of. That or I’m completely wrong.


Kaname is back! The charming and reserved fellow has returned only to be greeted with an older Chisaki who now crashes at Tsumugu’s house. Being the perceptive type, he doesn’t feel too threatened by the two, perhaps realising the family-like relationship.

He offers a few clues as to what’s going on below the surface. Although he can’t remember anything while he was asleep he happened to hear the same sound Miuna heard when she fell into the water and developed an ena.


Last time it was Miuna who was in the spotlight when Hikari returned but now it’s Sayu’s time since her childhood crush, Kaname, is back. She’s a little hesitant to see him but Miuna convinces her to go. Their encounter turns out to be awkward as the two come across each other before Sayu was ready. Kaname momentarily doesn’t recognise her and it was enough for Sayu to run away, embarrassed.

At this time Chisaki and Kaname have their first, proper conversation. After stating that a few things around town have changed, Kaname points out that Chisaki hasn’t and nor have his feelings for her. Back at school, it seems like Kaname will return to his old class with Hikari. The two wander up to the salt pool near the school and talk. Kaname points out that Hikari has changed in the few days since he woke up. Hikari vows not to change any more in fear of scaring Manaka who would be shocked to see how different everyone is.


Sayu and Miuna have some more girl talk, discussing how Sayu feels so far away from Kaname while Miuna, taking a cue from Hikari, declares she’ll never change. After a fiery debate, Sayu has her fateful encounter with Kaname. Being the bro that he is, he calls her by her name and makes her feel a little special just by acknowledging her.

The last bit of the episode focuses on the main plot. Tsumugu and a marine biologist figure out that the strange sound underwater is caused by an unknown current that could lead to Shioshishio. It seems like the force that isolates the Sea Village is faltering. Hikari and Kaname are called upon to investigate this current, but neither have a good idea of what the current sounds like. Miuna, on the other hand, knows exactly what it sounds like and offers to volunteer as well. Although no one thinks it’s a very good idea considering her ena is still new and npt fully developed, Hikari interjects and says “why not?’ Miuna is happy to go, but will this come back to bite them once they’re hundreds of metres below?


The three friends jump into the icy water and begin their journey back to the sea floor, but for Miuna this is a completely new experience that she has dreamed of for years. I think the main narrative of the anime is finally kicking back into gear. Will they find the rest of their kin? What happened to Manaka after she was taken by the Sea God? Maybe we’re just about to find out.

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