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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril now on DS

You’ve got the whole Universe in your hands

Are you a fan of Marvel? Of LEGO? Of Nintendo handheld consoles? If you answered yes to any (or all) of these then have I got some good news for you. Warner Bros and TT Games are bringing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril to the DS, presenting the console edition (LEGO Marvel Super Heroes) in a slightly more compact form. You’ll never be far from their favourite Super Heroes, as they fight their way through key Marvel locations to save the world from dastardly evil villains, such as Loki and Dr Doom.

The game, which is also available for PS Vita and 3DS, features 45 missions, wherein players take control of a gaggle of Marvel heroes. Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and many more, must unite to stop Loki and other like minded villains from assembling a super-weapon capable of destroying the world. Players will chase down Cosmic LEGO Bricks as they travel across key locations from the Marvel Universe, such as Stark Tower, Asteroid M, a Hydra base and the X-Mansion.

Well, what are you waiting for? The LEGO Marvelverse isn’t going to save itself. It’s time to take up arms (your DS), don your costume (if you want) and show Loki what for. Time for Earth’s Mightiest to become Earth’s Handiest.