Hozuki No Reitetsu
Episode 6 – Hell Idol: Peach Maki/The Right Arm Blues

Another week, another episode and I’m so glad because I cannot get enough of Hozuki No Reitetsu. Welcome back to another installment of Hozuki No Reitetsu Anime Impressions, I hope you’ve all been as excited about this new episode as I have! This week marks the release of Hozuki No Reitetsu episode six: An episode where we’re introduced to the super cute hell idol “Peach Maki”, a journalistic cat that would do anything for a front-page story and a reptilian-esque man who just so happens to be the aid to the king of European hell. This episode shows the audience more of what the afterlife is like, we’re now aware that it has journalists and crappy gossip magazines and it makes one think that…well, maybe hell isn’t so different from THIS plane of existence.


Hell Idol: Peach Maki:

Here I was thinking that the afterlife would be drastically different from the life of the living but it turns out, according to the world of Hozuki No Reitetsu, it’s pretty much exactly the same. Down there they have magazines, newspapers, taxis, trains, police, journalists, they have everything we have but goofier! The audience is introduced to a cute young girl who referred to as “Peach Maki” and she just so happens to be the titular character of this particular story. She’s introduced first as a feature in a smug magazine that is explained later to be for “the male audience” though it is essentially filled with cute girls, cuter animals and a whole bunch of gossip. Though she’s the titular character, she doesn’t actually get introduced “in person” until about half way through the story. Hozuki spends most of the half-episode being bothered by a silly journalist/cat that has been snooping around for a story though Hozuki is a work-minded man and cares not for what this damn cat wants.


The characters all eventually meet up, including Momotaro’s three animal pals who just so happen to be my favourite characters, for what turns out to be a crazy cluster of…well…craziness! Once again, Hozuki No Reitetsu blends both Eastern and Western humour quite well with characters making references to the former super couple “Brangelina” while also being entirely Japanese about the whole thing. I had more interest in the little recurring storylines when it came to this episode; things like Cookie having her babies and Hozuki maybe taking a trip to the real world to see a cat cafe, the things that make Hozuki No Reitetsu what it is. This episode felt real in a way that is entirely unreal. Hell is hell but it is also still somewhat normal; they do certain things in hell that we also do up here on Earth and I truly believe the intention of this episode was to put forth that idea, the idea that screams; “we’re weird but we’re all still like you!”. Though not as funny as some episode, it was still very much Hozuki No Reitetsu.


The Right Arm Blues:

Now before you all get the wrong idea about this episode and its vague title; it is about a government position and not…you know…THAT! A few episodes ago we were all introduced to the king of European Hell, an entity named Satan that wasn’t as tough as he made himself out to be. Well much like King Enma it seems as though Satan also has a right-hand man that helps oversee everything that goes on in hell, this man’s name is “Beelzebub” the king of the flys! Which…doesn’t sound TOO scary but believe me it is! Beelzebub makes a trip over to Japanese Hell to check out the place that made Satan so damn wimpy and he could barely get past customs without some sort of unnecessary trouble that of which could only come about somewhere in the wacky Japanese Hell of Hozuki No Reitetsu. Luckily for Beelzebub, Hozuki just so happened to be around when he turned up so he swiftly got him through customs and the two men introduced themselves. I’m starting to think Hozuki isn’t the most likable fellow even though he happens to be one of my favourite characters and I generally find him hilarious. Beelzebub, much like every other character Hozuki randomly meets, isn’t too big of a fan and quickly jumps to dislike for him.


The man from hell kind of goes through the exact same things that every Japanese Hell tourist goes through and is thoroughly shocked…as usual. Eventually Hozuki must head to European Hell to sign some sort of contract between the two hells, there he once again comes into contact with Beelzebub and, after talking for a bit, both men realise they’re not that different and would each not be too unhappy to be in each others presences again. Does this mean…Hozuki made a friend from European Hell?! No, probably not, I’m sure more shenanigans will quickly dissolve that friendship in a later episode. It was nice to see another inhabitant of European Hell and what this episode put forth to me was that there are a whole bunch of different Hells out there; Japanese Hell, European Hell, Chinese Hell. One can only imagine the other types of hell that exist within this anime series and I’m actually more excited to see the Japanese take on them rather than the Japanese take on their own hell. From what I’ve seen in the past six episodes of Hozuki No Reitetsu; nothing is sacred and everything is a target. Brilliant.

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