Flappitalism: A Game about Grinding Capitalism and Goats

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One-man indie studio ‘Slouch Couch Studio‘ has released a new game inspired by its creator’s experience of Western Capitalism and the independent games industry called Flappitalism. Dave Homan, the one-man studio, wrote a blog post about the inspiration behind Flappitalism and its Flappy Bird related origins. In his blog post, Homan describes his initial reaction to the decision of Flappy Bird’s creator to take the game down from the app store as one of absolute shock in light of the games financial success. This reaction caused Homan to re-evaluate his life priorities and what it really means to measure success within the games industry (and life in general). He decided he should express his distaste for the capitalist mindset and the “grinding capitalism” which many indie game developers engage in.

Out of this came the game Flappitalism, in which players take on the role of a jumping goat as it jumps ever higher from ladder to ladder (somewhat akin to Doodle Jump). The game features retro graphics, 80s montage music, and thinly veiled allegories about the capitalist system (my favourite kind of allegory!). If you enjoy your twitch gaming to also have a fairly overt meaning behind the pixels on the screen, then this certainly looks like the game for you.

You can play the game free online here, or you can buy a copy for Android on Googleplay here.

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