Tivitas Interactive Unveils Sinister, a PC Gaming Device With ViviTouchTM Haptic Feedback Technology

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Tivitas Interactive Unveils Sinister, a PC Gaming Device With ViviTouchTM Haptic Feedback Technology

Hands-on demo available at ShowStoppers @ CES 2014

Hamilton, Ont. – January 7, 2014 – Tivitas Interactive, an Ontario-based designer and manufacturer of precision gaming accessories, today unveiled their premiere haptic gaming device, Sinister. Using ViviTouch’s revolutionary haptic feedback technology, Sinister offers gamers a truly sensational gaming experience unlike anything they have ever felt before.

With “RealityLink” powered by ViviTouch technology, this haptic device offers players a full gamepad experience with the familiarity and precision of a mouse, making it the perfect gaming device for PC gamers of all skill levels. Unlike any other haptic gaming device, Tivitas Interactive’s Sinister offers fully-customizable, adjustable ergonomic support, true analog movement, and several different “HD Feedback” gaming modes that can be tailored to match the genre of the game. Additionally, the device features plug-and-play functionality for gaming right out of the box, and will support both Windows and Linux at launch.

Experience the next level of sensation with Tivitas Interactive’s Sinister haptic gaming device at Table #B-7 at ShowStoppers @ CES 2014 on Tuesday, January 7 at the Wynn Hotel Lafite Ballroom from 6pm to 9pm. For additional information, visit Tivitas online at www.tivitas.com, and follow them on Twitter@_Tivitas –.

About Tivitas Interactive
Tivitas Interactive began with our drive to develop a more immersive PC gaming experience. Proudly Canadian, we are a human interface developer with a specific focus on haptics of all variants. We have been developing our first product, Sinister, for the latter half of 2013. With our team of dedicated engineers and designers, we have progressed from concept to testing stages in just 6 months. We are here to turn innovative ideas into qualitative reality.www.tivitas.com

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