Marvel Knights Animation’s Wolverine vs Sabertooth Claws into Stores

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Not too long ago, Shout! Factory brought us the tale of the epic encounter between Wolverine and Hulk (which you can see the review of here), and while it surpassed expectations, it simply left us hungry for more. Well, we are in luck as yet another film has dropped thanks to Marvel Knights Animation, and it is certainly one with taking a look at.

The team of writer and Executive Producer Jeph Loeb (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Artist Simone Bianchi (Astonishing X-Men) have come together to tell the tale of Wolverine vs Sabertooth, which has now hit shelves in DVD form is a snazzy comic book case. I honestly love this style of animation as it has a rawness to it that brings in an authentic charm, and considering that this kind of narrative is something Disney would shy away from, it is definitely a collectors item worth picking up at the already value price. Check out the trailer below for a better look.

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