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“J-Stars Victory Vs.” Gintama/Kochikami Stage Images Released


What a wonderfully Shonen-esque day we’re all having! Well…maybe that’s just my day but I DO hope you all out there are feeling the Shonen power too, if you’re not feeling it right now allow me to help pump you up: Namco Bandai games have just released a whole bunch of images from their upcoming Anime/Manga brawler; “J-Stars Victory Vs“.

These images are of the actual stages featured in the game that are based on the environments from the Anime/Manga series’ “Gintama” and “Kochikame”, they’re looking fantastically well-designed and I’m sure they’re getting fans of this game and the series’ within it exceptionally excited, the good thing is that the game is only a couple of months away from hitting Japan with it being set for a release on the 19th of March.

The game will be released on both the PS Vita and the PlayStation 3, hopefully it will be reaching shores outside of Japan soon after its release but as of right now there has been no word of a local release. The screenshots released are just below in a small gallery so head down to check them out and keep your eyes on the site for any and all news to be released.