Game Insight Announces New City Building Game The Tribez & Castlez

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Spin-off to smash hit city building game The Tribez to offer high-fantasy adventure

MOSCOW AND SAN FRANCISCO – January 8, 2014 – Game Insight, creator of worldwide hit city-building game The Tribez, is delighted to announce a new spin-off for this popular game – The Tribez & Castlez! This exciting new title will be released for iOS, Android, Amazon, and Facebook in early 2014.

The Tribez & Castlez begins with a scientific experiment gone awry. This time around, the experiment has sent players to another world, where magic reigns supreme, where dragons hover in the sky, and the forests are teeming with treacherous werewolves. Fortunately, the Professor and Princess Aurora return to help Prince Eric rebuild his kingdom and protect it from the evil machinations of the realm’s most heinous villains!

In The Tribez & Castlez, players will embark on an epic journey to restore peace and prosperity to their kingdom. Players will build and fortify magic towers to protect their citizens from enemies like vicious Gobools, powerful Trollums, and other amazing creatures. They will also develop their nation economically by constructing sawmills and factories, cultivating grapes and aubergines, and breeding pigs and sheep. An enchanting soundtrack and gorgeous graphics will bring the game’s fairytale version of the Middle Ages to life.

This fascinating new city building game will let players visit well-guarded dungeons and wizard towers, discover the ancient ruins of abandoned castles, seek mysterious artifacts, and wage war on hideous monsters. Meet loyal friends and fight cunning enemies, behold mighty giants, magic, dragons, and of course, a beautiful princess in The Tribez & Castlez.

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