Bravely Default – New Class-Based Trailer Released

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Even though us over here in Australia have already had our hands on Bravely Default for quite some time now it seems as though our friends over in North America are still waiting for its release, luckily for them Square Enix and Nintendo have released a brand-new trailer for the game and this time it focuses on all the different classes that are unlockable and playable throughout the game.

The class system within Bravely Default is quite extensive and it is an aspect of the game that makes the entire experience all the more enjoyable. You may recall a few of these classes or jobs from previous Final Fantasy games such as the White Mage, Monk or Warrior. Bravely Default takes a lot of what Spuare Enix has learnt from past Final Fantasy games to make this title as good as they possibly could so it is definitely not one to miss!

Anyway, enough out of me, head down below to check out the brand-new Bravely Default class trailer and let us know what your favourite class is in the comments section below.

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